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ALMAL offers competitive, high-quality translation of English texts into Eastern European languages and vice versa.

With the ever-increasing demand for translations as free market economies develop in Eastern European countries and companies large and small search for business opportunities further afield we are ideally placed to assist by offering:


Particular Experience and Expertise in:

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Having examined the key frustrations and annoyances of translation buyers over the past four years, we have structured our service-centred approach to completely eliminate these.

High Quality Translators

We use only carefully selected and tested, experienced professional native-speaker translators who are equipped to deliver output text in the file format required by you. Documents are laid out as the original, or as specified by you, and are delivered on time every time.


Regular personal contact and progress reporting keeps you informed about the current status of projects. Sectional release of large projects can be arranged so that you don't have to wait for the entire project duration in order to see tangible results.

Hassle-free Control

You retain a high degree of control over your translation projects without investing a correspondingly large amount of time and effort in the document translation and formatting process.

Compatibility and Formats

If digital output is required, compatibility with your systems will be ensured by use of appropriate hardware and software. We are also able to supply language-specific foreign fonts where applicable.

We can receive and deliver texts by mail or fax and in most electronic formats - from Word 97 to DOS-based word processors such as Word Perfect 5.1.

This can be performed either by Email: or directly by prior arrangement to our 28,800 bps direct modem connection.

Our objective is to deliver your translation "ready to print" from your chosen application

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